Tripty Project


Tripty is a slow fashion brand that brings modern design together with traditional craft to create functional and ethical products. Working closely with vulnerable communities of Bangladesh, their efforts are focused on building an ethical, transparent supply chain. The environment and quality of life for these craftswomen don't have to be compromised in order to have accessible, functional, and stylish design. (All photos courtesy of Tripty Project) 


A large part of Tripty textiles are crafted from discarded pineapple leaves. Leveraging the iconic silhouette of the fruit, the logo immediately starts telling a story to the customer. Keeping the logo black and white provides a stark contrast with the colorful fabrics, letting their patterns and materials take center stage. 

• logo needs to communicate “different worlds/east & west,” “tradition & modern”
• simple, needs to be easy to embroider
• shy away from anything that feels too ethnic
• tell a bit of the story, educate
• let the product take center stage


Taking cues from elements of the logo, symbols and illustrations were then developed by their internal team to be used for marketing purposes and to launch a Kickstarter campaign. With a cohesive and unique brand lead by a logo that is loaded with story and meaning, they met their goal before the deadline.




Working with Kyle on the development of our logo was a really fluid and comfortable process. He asked us all the right questions to get to the core of our company’s ethic and aesthetic focus and followed up with great market research. Going through the development with him was a great exercise for our team and the end product was unexpected but a perfect fit. When our company has new branding or development need I look forward to working with him in the future.

— Brooke McEver, Co-Founder & Director of Product Development