Tahoe Brew Tours

POsitioning / identity / merchandise

Tahoe Brew Tours is a local business looking to educate and connect people to Lake Tahoe’s quickly growing beer scene. With a wide and diverse audience—from the savvy to the beer-curious—Tahoe Brew Tours was in search of an identity that would feel trusted and friendly with zero pretention.  

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Positioning & Brand Persona

Tahoe Brew Tours serves as the beer authority for the Tahoe Lake basin. We possess thorough knowledge of each regional brewery—their brew process, specialty styles of beer, and current tap selection. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll take you where you need to go. Whether you’re seeking an intimate, behind the scenes experience, or just a fun, tasty way to experience Tahoe for the first time—let us be your tour guide.

Brand persona

• free-spirited • adventurous • passionate • risk taker • educator • local beer authority • inquisitive • approachable • fun • friendly


Pendulum worked to identify ways in which a redesigned logo could better communicate the business’s mission statement and purpose. First, we pulled together some beer logos to get a sense of the craft brewery landscape. From there, we found a way to combine a few common beer themes with local elements to maintain a sense of provenance.

Original logo

Original logo


From our research, something bold, clean, and assertive emerged. Our solution was to create a seal around the iconic shape of Lake Tahoe and draw inspiration from the surrounding environment for the brand colors. We created a logo system that provides some character and flexibility while providing a familiarity of California’s well known public lands.

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“Let us be your guide”

Using the “beer guide” concept, we created a badge that mimics a common trail marker shape—a nod to the Tahoe Rim Trail—to add an adventurous and exploratory element to the system.


Window decals were created to designate breweries that are participating in the tours—a cheap, yet effective marketing tool.

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